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We Specialize in Working with Dealers

Frustrated with all of the Contractors YOU need in order to keep your dealership clean and maintained?

Does YOUR current wash company leave your inventory scratched and streaked with chamois marks?

Is Your current Janitorial company hurting your CSI by missing things?

Would YOU like to have one point of contact for all of your cleaning and maintenance needs?  

Would YOU like to work with a dependable company that show up as promised?

Would YOU like to have your cars washed with laboratory grade spot free water?

Free Lot Wash

WE are so sure we can help and you will love us, we are offering a free lot wash of your inventory!

9 Step to Upgraded Cleaning Company

WE know how much work can go into changing cleaning companies.  Please take a look at our free report on "dealers upgrading cleaning company"

Clean Image has been serving Denver Dealers since 2004. Originally we started by offering line washes, but as our business experience grew, we realized that we could help you in so many more ways. One of our companies core values is to help out. We help out our dealerships by consolidating the following services:


Window Cleaning

Line Washes

Parking Lot Services

Landscaping Services