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Facilities Cleaning 

Does YOUR cleaning service leave you saying they are just OK?

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Inventory Lot Washes

Is Your lot wash crew costing you gross because you have to keep fixing their scratches?

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Window Cleaning

How does your windows look?

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Parking Lot Maintenance

Is your lot need a new seal coating and re-striping?

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Our Story

We have been working with dealers since we first started in 2004. We also worked for convenience stores, heavy equipment contractors, banks, pretty much anyone we could find that needed our help with pressure washing service.

15 years of hard work and with the help of some great business mentors, we finally learned it is better to serve a very small niche well than to try and serve a huge market.

In 2018, we changed the focus of our company to just serve our dealers. We sat down with many of the GM’s and really asked them what they liked and disliked about their cleaning contractors. We learned how poor facilities cleaning can hurt CSI and how UP’s do not stay on site as long when they are not happy with the cleanliness of your inventory. How a bad lot wash company can cost you gross when you have to repair their scratching.

We have expanded our service offering to include Facilities Cleaning, Lot Washing, and Parking Lot Services. This allows our dealers to bundle several service contractors into just One. We have implemented guarantees that will protect your gross and make sure you don’t pay for service you are unhappy about.

We are all in on dealers and Love to Serve Them!!